Terms & Conditions

Making the booking/payment

Upon booking:

  1. You will receive an email summarizing your booking.
  2. Follow the instructions to pay a 50% account to confirm the booking. The account must be received 2 weeks before check-in or if booking for stay within the week then the total amount of the stay must be settled same-day.
  3. We will then send you a written confirmation of the booking by e-mail. 
  4. The remaining balance outstanding must be settled:
  • before the arrival online
  • on arrival by debit or credit card or cash (Euros), 


  4. A deposit will also be required.

Cancelation policy

1 month before the date of arrival, free of charge.

2 weeks before the date of arrival, we keep the account.

1 week before the date of arrival, we keep the total amount of the stay. 

Arrival day

Sylvie or Clémence can welcome you from 4pm. Late arrivals after 10 pm must be arranged before.

Upon arrival you will receive a tour, be able to ask any questions you may have and be provided with the keys.

Departure day

Check-out must be before 12:00.

Clémence or Sylvie will be there to help you check-out and check the house in order to return your deposit.